Our Pastor Rap and his wife Karen were appointed to Portage Prairie UMC July 1, 2014. The Pastor and his wife previously served for six years at East Jordan, Barnard and Norwood UMC living at the parsonage in East Jordan, Michigan. Prior to becoming a Pastor, Rap served as Music Minster for Grant United Methodist Church in Buckley Michigan just outside Traverse City. Grant Church had sent Rap to Lay Ministers Academy sponsored by the Grand Traverse and Heartland Districts of the West Michigan Conference. Upon being appointed in East Jordan, Pastor Rap attended Methodist Theological School in Ohio, and also United Theological Seminary in Dayton following his Course of Study Requirements for the last five years and graduating in August 2014.
Pastor and Karen are motorcycle enthusiasts and enjoy riding throughout Michigan. When possible, their vacation time is planned in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where they enjoy their small cabin away from it all.
When Pastor was asked how he liked being away from the rolling hills and the great bays of the up north country, his response was; “Many years ago I attended high school in Howe Indiana. My first driver’s license was awarded to me in LaGrange Indiana after I successfully parallel parked our driver’s education car between two Amish buggies. The only thing I miss down here is the “Little Red Barn Report" from WOWO in Fort Wayne, Indiana. However, I am following God’s call and I have been transformed from the inside out. I am not the man I used to be and still taking shape by His hand to the man I am becoming. Thanks be to God.”
Pastor Rap and Karen